Dare to Reimagine Learning

Mission & Vision

Sturgeon Public Virtual Academy: Interim Mission and Vision  

(Adapted from Sturgeon Public Schools Guiding Principals)

In the interim of the school working together with students, parents/guardians, the school council and staff to define its collective aspirations, the following adaptation of Sturgeon Public School’s vision, mission and values shall stand:


Sturgeon Public Virtual Academy students are motivated and supported to pursue their unique path to future success through a well-rounded education.


Working together as a team of staff, students, parents, and community members, we create safe, respectful and collaborative online learning environments where students are prepared to meet and excel at, the challenges presented by the global community.


  • Excellence in teaching. We know that magic can happen when students are engaged, excited and feel connected to their learning and their teachers. 
  • Shared responsibility. We all have an important part to play in the education process. Working together, we strive for excellence so we can build a stronger future for us all.
  • Mutual respect. Students, staff and parents all deserve to be treated with respect. By fostering reciprocal respect within our system, we will all be able to reach our full potential.
  • Belonging. Students must be able to learn in healthy environments where they feel safe, have strong connections, are free from bullying; and where their physical, intellectual and emotional needs are met. We are a school Division and a family.
  • Learning choices. One size does not fit all. We recognize that to prepare students for their futures, we must meet their diverse needs along the way.
  • Communication. To do the challenging work of educating the next generation, we must keep the communication channels open. We value open, honest and timely communication